Training Products for Airlines & TRO's

Posters, Pop-Up Banners & Procedure Trainers

Training School products for Airlines & Training Organisations

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  • We offer bulk purchase discounts for Airlines and TRO's
  • Our 40% scale posters are perfect for individual Trainee issue
  • They bring your trainees to the Simulator familiar with layout & procedures
  • Our procedure trainers are lifelike and match your Aircraft fit
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Carrels and Procedure Trainers

  • Chassis - We offer three different versions - Aluminium, Steel, or traditional timber/MDF
  • Displays - Choose from rigid laminated aluminium Dibond displays, traditional paper & plexiglass or dry/self adhesive Vinyl
  • Aircraft type - Type specific & universal versions available - just change the posters/displays to change type.
  • The Carrels are identical to briefing room mockups with the addition of a VESA screen mount, and can be used as either

We print our industry leading artwork onto heavyweight satin photo paper, Vinyl (dry or self-adhesive) or Dibond - a lightweight super-strong laminate of two sheets of aluminium bonded to a Polythene core. With the Dibond option we further UV laminate the front side which renders it it immune from the effects of years of use and abuse. It is a robust and rigid material that will not crack or fade with time.

Dibond can be accurately creased and formed to create complex 3D surfaces. The modern flight deck is no longer a series of flat panels, and we match the ‘suspend your disbelief’ quality of our images with a realistic shape to your training device. We adapt our images to your organisation’s specific instrument fit.

The price starts from £1700 (MDF with laminated/lexan protected posters) to £2250 for the Aluminium chassis with Dibond panels.

They can be supplied flat packed - contact us for delivery time and cost. We offer an installation service in the UK from £250 with delivery included in this price.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements -

Pop-Up Banners

We now supply 75% scale self-supporting Pop-Up Banners (1500mm width x 2000mm height) for Training room or personal use. The basic version is £399.00, with a 'deluxe' version (better stand and print surface) available for £499.00.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements -

Individual Flight deck posters

We produce Flight deck training posters for most major aircraft types. They are extremely detailed, accurate and clear. We design them to make the vital detail pop off the page with sufficiently realistic surface rendering to accelerate aircraft familiarisation and save valuable simulator time. They are produced in 100%, 75%, 60%, 50%, 40% and 25% sizes. We have designed the best artwork and have the highest standards in the industry. We offer competitive prices for bulk purchases.

For product details and sample images please contact us -

Systems diagrams

We produce hydraulic, electric, air conditioning/pressurisation and fuel system diagrams for all major aircraft types. They are highly detailed, clear and easy to read. They are produced in A1 (£30) and A0 (£50) sizes. We offer a gloss or matt lamination service at £20 per sheet.

For product details and sample images please contact us -

Our products are in use at;

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