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B747-800 Freighter

  • B747-800 Freighter
  • B747-800 Freighter


The B747-800-F is based on the current -800-Freighter model complete with system differences from the Passenger version. We can supply customised layouts - contact us for details.

Available in 25%, 40%, 50%, 75% & 100% of full aircraft scale

Highest quality prints and 20%+ larger than other posters at the same price

75% and 100% models come in a set of three separate sheets - 25%, 40% & 50% on a single sheet

75% & 100% scale panel versions come on 5 boards - three for the main instrument panel and one each for the overhead and pedestal panels

Pop-Up Banners are minimum 80%+ Scale (1500mm width x 2000mm height) as an 'All-in-One' image

We offer single-side lamination (included in the Vinyl sets) from £20-£50 depending on poster size - select at checkout

Choose your own registration marks - £15 - select the option at checkout

We can print to any size - please contact us direct - info@flightvectors.com

Poster sizes quoted below are minimum sizes - Varies with Aircraft type


25% Scale All-in-One Poster 600mm x 400mm


40% Scale All-in-One Poster 1040mm x 650mm


50% Scale All-in-One Poster 1200mm x 800mm


75% Scale Three Poster set


100% Scale Three Poster set


100% Scale Laminated Self-adhesive Vinyl Three Poster set


75% Scale Rigid Panel set


100% Scale Rigid Panel set


80% Scale Pop-Up Banner


B747-800 Freighter

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