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All Products Available For These Aircraft Types

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Airbus A320 EIS1 CRT

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Airbus A320 EIS2 LCD

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Airbus A320 NEO

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Airbus A330/340

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Airbus A350

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Airbus A380

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Boeing B737 NG

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Boeing B737 MAX

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Boeing 747-400

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Boeing B777

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Boeing B777-X

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Boeing 747-400-F Freighter

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Boeing 787

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ATR 42/72-500

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Embraer E-190/195

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Bombardier Global 5000/6000/7500

Posters, Panel Sets, Static or Folding Trainers & Pop-Up Banners
Panel Sets Now Only £375 - Durable Foamex + Aluminium Option Available

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The Worlds best artwork
We produce all our artwork in house. It is drawn by artists who are also professional pilots. We have recreated a modern millimetre accurate representation of the real cockpit environment with artwork so detailed and realistic you can see what different parts are made of and how they will feel to touch.

We believe this adds another dimension to how much you can learn compared to the flatter line drawing alternatives.
A Pilots Perspective
We use a Pilots perspective - the view you get seated at the controls - we spend hours in the real aircraft getting the look and feel correct, giving you the best preparation for your conversion course or simulator test. We make them this way because that is the way you will see the Aircraft - not as a series of unconnected floating panels.

Practice at leisure - make expensive and crucial simulator time count.
Affordable prices
At 100% scale our prices are one third of our competitors. We aim our products at the individual Pilot as well as training organisations. We manufacture from 25% to 100% scales. By keeping design, drawing and production in-house we cut out wholesalers and retailers so you get the best products at the lowest possible prices.

We use our own 2400 dpi 8 colour 1167mm Photo Printers instead of low resolution litho printers.


We have recently developed 9-panel, laminated, 2 sided Folding Training posters which we offer for all our aircraft types. We can produce this unique product at a very competitive price. See example pictures below. Available now - contact us for details - info@flightvectors.com
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Detailed Artwork, with important elements enhanced and background patina perfect. You see how mechanisms work and how they feel in your hands. They bring the trainee to the simulator with procedures fully prepared, saving time, money and reducing the risk of failure.
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Why choose Posters, Panels and Banners?
’Touching and doing’ is a better way to learn a procedure than reading a list from a page - read and forget, see and remember, do and understand. The panel sets can be mounted to create a perfect flight deck replica and take you direct to the understand level. We know how hard it is to learn a new aircraft type from an electronic device such as an iPad. Our beautiful life-size artwork helps you to learn by touch as well as sight.
What size?
Full size posters and panels give you the opportunity to physically practice procedures, which gives total familiarity with how to perform them and develops ‘muscle memory’. For this reason we believe that the 100% sized sets - particularly the solid panel versions, work best for learning procedures, but you’ll still love the unparalleled detail in the smaller sets. We use the same high quality artwork on all Poster sizes.
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We use only the highest quality heavyweight satin paper with synthetic pigment inks for colour permanence and lifelike appearance. We also print to vinyl and offer lamination as options.
We specialise in flight deck graphics, with low overheads and we design, make and dispatch direct to our customers. From £29.95 with a free shipping option - the lowest prices and highest quality - a great combination.
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The Latest Artwork
We normally print to order with a 24 hour turnaround - this means you always get a brand new product with the latest artwork showing equipment changes.

We give you photo like realism and clarity with the important features popping off the page to aid engagement and learning.

We can laminate any of our products which extends life and makes them more robust - we offer a clear satin laminate finish. Order through the store.

Lamination costs from £20 to £50 and may add 2-3 days to the production time as the print needs to fully dry before applying the UV protective laminate.

Our products are in use at;

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Clear Satin Vinyl Lamination finish

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What our customers say

The posters arrived today before 1pm as promised. I knew they'd be good, but in actual fact - they're amazing. You've done a tremendous job on these. They'll be put to good use.
The quality of the panels from an Airbus perspective is amazing. Having now flown on the aircraft and compared that to my panels I couldn’t ask for a better product. To have this most valued study aid for my simulator renewals is great. The Panels are clear and precise, and I couldn’t fault any aspect.
The posters have arrived and are fantastic, the illustration and clarity is fantastic!!
I have found the cockpit panels an invaluable way of preparing for simulator checks. They are accurate, life sized and advance the concept of 'arm chair' flying to another level. I must confess that I'm very happy with the product you've produced and can't think of what could be done to improve it further.
They arrived this morning and my virtual cockpit is already installed on the second floor! Very useful for learning memory drills and panel scans. It should free up a lot of capacity when I do the ground school and sim, not having to search for the location of a particular switch. Very impressive print quality too.
All arrived yesterday - thanks so much for the quick production & delivery. They look fantastic, fingers crossed they help me!
I received the poster! It is amazing!!!! Thank you for all your help!
Thank you very much for your kind care and rapid response to my problem. I wish other suppliers were as caring as yourself.
Thank you very much for your service, you have been a great help!
Received the most amazing pieces ever

Systems training posters

We have developed a series of system schematic training posters for the aircraft types covered by the cockpit training poster series. They are produced to customer specifications and can be customised to suit. Contact us for more details.
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